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Our Programs

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank

Share a Chair Program

The Share a Chair program makes available adaptive and therapeutic equipment for children and adults that do not have the means to purchase their own. The program makes use of existing donated equipment that is new or gently used. Much like a library the Foundation provides a systematized approach to loan, lease or give equipment to those in need. With volunteer support from speech, physical and occupational therapists we are able to match age and developmental appropriate equipment to children in need.

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Deepwood Residential Assistance Program

The Deepwood Residential Assistance program ensures that items and activities not covered through traditional sources are available to children and adults living on campus at the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities / Deepwood. The Foundation has made a commitment to make funds available to enrich the lives of residents.

Purchases can include:

  • Clothing
  • Consumer Activities
  • Holiday Gifts for Consumers
  • Urgent personal needs and/or customized incidental needs

Community Assistance Program

The Community Assistance Program provides financial assistance and/or grants to programs and activities supporting persons with developmental disabilities. The Grants committee is comprised of parents, professionals and community representatives that volunteer their time each quarter to review grant requests. Funded grants include therapeutic camps, medical needs, educational opportunities, child care and more.

Marcus' Lantern

The Mission of the Marcus Lantern Fund is to raise money for individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities to go to summer camp. This event is dedicated to the loving memory of Marcus Lintern, who lived a full and happy life until the age of 21. Marcus' family feels that summer camp made a big contribution to his life and made Marcus more independent. Through donations and fund raising we are able to partially and totally grant tuition to campers who would otherwise be denied.

The Marcus Lantern Fund is a program within the Deepwood Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering, enriching and promoting the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Deepwood Run

Since 1998, The Deepwood Run has been providing grants and gifts to enhance the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities.  The organized motorcycle run and raffle was started by a compassionate Vietnam Veteran known simply as “Doc”.  The simple beginning has evolved into an annual program operated by a dedicated group of volunteers.  All monies derived from the events go to improve the quality of life for individuals with special abilities.  In 2013, The Deepwood Run became a program within the Deepwood Foundation.  Click here for more information.


Advocating is simply educating others about needs and abilities. Advocacy is a word most often associated with the school, or educational system, but advocacy can apply to medical care, legal rights, social situations and daily living at home. Advocacy is a skill that can be developed and applied to most areas to help a children and adults with disabilities become more successful in life.

In addition to providing support through gifts and grants the Deepwood Foundation staff and volunteers along with our partnering organizations are available to assist you in planning for and developing appropriate supports for your child or family member.

Foster Camper Project

With financial support from programs such as Finish Line Youth Foundation and Western Reserve Junior Service League, the Foster Camper Program provides support and assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities through summer camp scholarships. The program assists children and adults who are at risk and have been identified with handicaps and developmental delays, which range in severity from mild to profound. Therapeutic camping opportunities designed to meet medical, emotional and learning needs and are presented in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.


Endowments provide ongoing benefits for those that receive them by earning a market rate of interest while keeping the core endowment principal intact to fund future years of scholarships, program support or whatever opportunity the donor chooses to fund. An endowment requires that the principal remain intact in perpetuity, or for a defined period of time or until sufficient assets have been accumulated to achieve a designated purpose.

Endowments may be set up an to fund a specific interest or program and will ensure that the donors wishes met. For additional information regarding endowments and planned giving contact the Deepwood Foundation at 440-350-5208.